What is Synchro? 

Synchronised skating is the newest figure skating discipline, its a true team sport where the requirement to synchronise means there is no advantage to have ‘superstar players’ and to a teams advantage to support it’s teammates. So much so that male and female skaters compete together within the same team. 

At world level its fast and scary with the footwork quality now rivalling the top ice dancers and lifts and tricks to rival elements seen in top pairs competitions. Our national level teams are hot on the heels of the top teams improving in quality every year. 

Having celebrated 21 years of Synchro World Championships the international Skating Unions is working hard to have it recognised as an Olympic discipline, unfortunately, to date, cost seems to have been the barrier.

Why Starlight?

Starlight started in 2010 and has joined Aberdeen, Inverness & Dumfries as a hotbed of Synchro talent. We’ve now got adult development squads and 5 teams competing at different national levels and some of our skaters have progressed to skate with Junior & Senior teams within international & World championships. 

With Synchro your successes and disappointments are shared with your team, fostering lifelong friendships, having worked through challenges and enjoyed celebrations together. More than just learning to skate, Synchro enriches the lives of our members with wider life skills.

We create a positive learning environment and embrace growth mindset in our coaching and for our athletes.

Our teams

Starlight Blizzard

Starlight Cyclone

Starlight Storm

Starlight Vortex

Starlight Frost

Starlight Mist

Starlight Rain