2017 Trophy d’Ecosse

Starlight had 5 teams skating at this years Trophe de Ecosse in Dumfries which is always the highlight of the season. The organising committee did a great job as always, the atmosphere throughout the whole weekend was amazing and it was a real treat to be able to watch current World Bronze Medalists Nexxice perform.

Despite only having 4 skaters that had previously competed, our 16 Blizzard girls skated extremely well and entertained the crowd with their interpretation on ‘Mary Poppins’ earning a score of 15.72. The girls had a great time on and off the ice and all of our new girls and parents really enjoyed their first Trophe de Ecosse.


Cyclone had a great skate at this years competition in Dumfries improving their score from the British by almost 7 points. The girls skated with confidence and performed really well in front of the packed ice bowl.

Rain had a really good skate in Dumfries with the judges awarding a score of 27.09 which is a new personal best. They were unfortunately just pipped at the post again by Altrincham but as the highest ranking Scottish team they became this years Scottish Adult Champions.


Another polished skate by our Mist ladies, improving their score from the British by just over 4 points to 18.44. Mist really got the crowd going with their confident skate.


The confidence and presentation of Storm had improved massively during the season and the girls performance on the day was slick and really enjoyable to watch. Storm also improved on their score from the British earning 23.80 in a tough mixed age category.

Starlight Synchro