Welcome to Starlight Frost

Welcome to Starlight Frost. Starlight Frost is Starlight Synchro Skating Club’s non-competitive Adult development team. Skaters are skating at at Skate UK level 4 up to approximately Skate Star Gold.  

Training Is on Monday Evening at The Time Capsule Ice Rink, Coatbridge, 7.45pm-8.45pm on ice team session.

Additional ice may be available for an additional charge in summer.(Usually Thursdays or Saturdays at The Peak in Stirling).

Throughout the season we’ll work on different skating skills and routines including:

• Synchro team skills

• Skate UK level basic skills

• British Ice Skating test structure skills

• A Show programme for our annual Showcase

Team coach is Collette Norwood supported by Janet Donaldson.

Starlight Synchro